The humble beginning of RIPOSTE’s clientele are international schools, colleges and private institutions. We provide their resource centers with reference materials and also textbooks for the students. Today, we distribute hundreds of textbooks, workbooks and teaching aids to colleges, public school and private schools all over Malaysia. However, our goal is simple:-

1) To deliver educational materials to our students faster than anyone else and at the most reasonable and affordable prices;

2) To provide most efficient and up to date materials for all libraries including electronic data. We provide full customer product support to librarians.

Reports on order status will be sent by post and e-mail attachment each month. To further enhance and shorten process time, we work closely with the librarians using the library data system. All orders placed by lecturers through our company will first be checked using the library on line data if the particular titles had been acquired earlier to avoid duplicates. Latest catalogs will be sent from time to time to lecturers and librarians, up dating them on all publications and promotions. Colorful brochures will also be distributed. We also participate in trade fairs and special exhibitions at various universities.