Flying Start To Literacy

Student Books for Guided Reading Lessons

Features of the Program

High-frequency words have a high rate of repetition with a low ratio of unfamiliar words.

Key vocabulary is introduced systematically.

A variety of text types enable the development of a range of reading strategies.

Reading and writing are linked.

Level difficulty is carefully sequenced to build reading strategies.

The teaching of phonics and phonemic awareness is supported by the program.

Fluency enhances comprehension.

Flying Start to Literacy supports the systematic development of reading strategies and skills in young students. It begins with oral language, then builds vocabulary, increases phonemic awareness, builds letter-sound relationships, develops print knowledge, and promotes comprehension.

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6
Stage 7

      Flying Start to Literacy program contains:
  • 196 student titles organized into 7 Developmental Reading Stages and 30 Guided Reading Levels - paired fiction and informational texts.
  • 114 Lesson Plans on sturdy laminated cards (1 per pair of titles).
  • 114 Take-Home books, one for each pair of books.
  • 18 Vocabulary Starters in the Early Emergent Stage only.