RIPOSTE was founded in early 2003 by Sheikh Ridza bin Sheikh Abdullah and Aisyah Yusrina Ooi Bte Abdullah. Humbly, RIPOSTE was just a book supplier to some private colleges and international schools. Vast experience of the directors and excellent service rendered to customers with modern technology support provides the competitive edge where now, RIPOSTE was granted by our Ministry of Finance the status of a Malaysia registered Panel Book Contractor bearing license reference S/K.KEW/PK/KP/9999/010103/57/173 Jld.27(11). Today, RIPOSTE not only recognized by international publishers of higher education materials like Thomson Learning, McGraw Hill, John Wiley & Sons, Oxford Press and Pearson Education but also given the confident of being exclusive agent for a renowned children publishing house in United States of America, The Creative Company.



Managing Director, Sheikh Ridza has 14 years experience running and managing a Malaysia Government Book Contractor company. His office term as Marketing Director has given him vast experience in marketing higher education academic books and reference books ranging from public libraries to school resource centers. He owns 70% of the Riposte’s equity. Executive Director, Aisyah Yusrina has 12 years working experience with international publishers and local book agencies. She has vast experience in didactic and education consultancy for she had been working very closely with Datuk Dr Yahaya Ibrahim, founding President of National Association of Private and Independent Education Institution (NAPIEI). Graduated with company secretarial management and accounting has given her the added advantage in managing a full administration of a company. Together both people in RIPOSTE had made one powerful business organization.